The Pitch Black Section

Welcome to the section on the sci-fi movie Pitch Black, released in 2000 and starring Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell, and Cole Hauser. The links below will take you to different pages with things like pictures, articles, videos, and information.

This is the page of Frequently Asked Questions (and some that aren’t actually frequently asked). It contains a wealth of trivia about the movie and the production.
Screen Captures
Images taken directly from the DVD, so you can browse through at your leisure to remember the fun parts.
The credits for the movie, along with detailed subsections for certain individuals.
Links to articles we’ve written, articles and features located on other websites, and various Pitch Black-related websites.
Various things like trailers and promotional videos that can be downloaded from the internet.
Promotional stills (photographs) and concept art.
Some information about, and a link to, the ‘shooting draft’ for the movie.