Pitch Black Concept Art

Tim Lawrence, the concept artist who worked with David Twohy, was nice enough to send over a handful of cool images from the movie. Be sure to click on the small images to see the larger versions.

If you’re unfamiliar with what concept art is, then this is how it works… Typically, the first thing that’s created for a movie is a script. Sometimes this script provides information on some of the visuals, but just as often the script focuses on story, events, and dialogue. The eyecandy comes later.

Once the script is in order, then the director sits down with a concept artist in order to start putting together the look of the film. As you can see from the pictures below, this included coming up with ideas for locations, items, and creatures. Then the images go off to the people designing sets and props, to actually build the things.

Beamrider: An interesting shot of a space ship that appears to travel along some sort of beams, probably has something to do with the name ‘Beamrider’. A preliminary concept for what eventually became the Hunter-Gratzner.

Oxy breather: Ken Wheat said that Twohy added the idea of the O2 ‘sippers’, so this image probably comes from one of the later drafts of the script. Very cool and sci-fi, but doesn’t really fit in with the eventual sci-fi-lite approach to sets and props that Twohy took. Or maybe it was budget that forced the simple design of the actual prop. Note also the movie’s original working title of ‘Nightfall’.

Crash site: Pretty self explanatory.

Cryo chambers: Heavily sci-fi, and the shot presumes a much more spacious ship enterior than the cramped version in the film. Check out the notes… ‘Interior Beamrider, Hydroanimation Chamber’.

Outpost: God this’d look great framed, matted, and hanging on my wall…

Predator: An early concept of the predators, eventually refined and expanded on by Patrick Tatopoulos.

Predator: Another picture