The first script for Pitch Black was written by Jim and Ken Wheat based on their pitch, and contained some dramatic differences from what eventually got shot. The Riddick character was female, the predator ecology was explained a bit more, etc. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a copy of this script anywhere (and know better than to ask Ken for it). The good news is that a close-to-final script *has* been made available.

Pitch Black Script >>

It’s in Acrobat Reader format, use the free reader available from Adobe.

This script calls itself the “Revised First Draft. March 3, 1998”, and has been called by other people a ‘shooting script’, although there are some major differences between what you see in the movie and what you read in this document. The end result is, well, that it’s an enjoyable read for any fan. Jack was an Audrey, in this version!

Note: This script file originally came from, which has since shut down. The file will be mirrored here until such time as returns.