Unrated DVD FAQ

So you’ve noticed that there are two versions of the PITCH BLACK DVD and were wondering what the differences are? Well, in a nutshell, there are a handful of new shots and scenes, all completed, and corresponding commentary that goes with them.

Below are descriptions of the scenes I could recognize as being new (I did not do a minute rated-vs-unrated comparison, so I’m sure I’m missing a few bits here and there), including a few screen captures. No transcriptions, though…

17:38 Fry asks the Imam about his trip, the hajj, to New Mecca. Some cool dialogue here that it’s a bit of a shame was dropped.

??:?? Shazza looking toward pinnacles where Zeke is putting bodies. Right after Riddick snips a piece of Fry’s hair. Very brief and maybe not even new, heh.

31:46 Argument over who’ll go look for Zeke, right after Rid’s “look deeper” scene. Johns explains more of his dislike for Riddick, Jack volunteers to go in the hole, and Johns hints out loud why he thinks Fry wants to go. Notable dialogue: “Murders aside, Riddick belongs in the asshole hall of fame”. Really unusual and great one-shot of Claudia, maybe the best in the movie.

39:27 After the “escaped convict, murderer” scene, there’s a longish scene of them all sitting around the skiff. Fry is hooking up one of the cells, and Riddick mentions the Sol-Track shipping lanes.

40:10 In the very next scene, Jack finds some hair clippers.

??:?? The scene where they search the coring room for Ali appears to be a bit longer via one or two very quick shots.

47:13 After the scene that ends with Riddick looking down into the shaft in the coring room, there’s a scene where Shazza apologizes and gives him her breather (he asks if it’s broken and dumps it on the ground, heh).

48:13 After Caroline looks at coring samples and right before she discovers the 22 years thing, there’s a short closeup of Rid picking up and putting on Shazza’s breather.

55:10 The morphine scene with Fry and Johns is longer. We see his back scar, then he grabs her hand and forces her to touch it. Johns tells her the story of the piece of shiv still in there from Riddick going for his ”sweet spot”.

1:23:21 Word on the “street” has always been that this scene of Johns getting his head bitten down on is longer in the unrated version, and supposedly includes extra blood in order to garner the lack-of-rating. If this is true, then it’s got to be no more than like a second more of the shot lingering on the predator head and the blood. Hard to say.